OASES invites artists of all ages, backgrounds, levels of experience, and disciplines to send in the work they are creating during this unique time.  All mediums and disciplines are open to submission: visual art, written word, music, video, performance, etc.  We seek to create a platform for artists to showcase their work and a virtual gallery to make art accessible for people while they are stuck indoors.  Images that showcase your artistic process, or unique forms of digital experience such as video, audio, 3D file, etc., are highly encouraged.  Work that directly addresses the coronavirus and its effects are also encouraged.

Please send all files to oasesart@gmail.com, along with a short artist bio and a few sentences describing how the coronavirus epidemic has affected you and how you are responding.  All images and videos must be high-resolution.  Any written pieces should be attached as a word document, pages document, or PDF.  Please include one cover photo for your work in the "Portfolio" gallery (excluding written work).  You may also include links to your personal website and social media accounts.  If your work is accepted, we will contact you with the URL to your page on the OASES website.

Thank you for submitting your work.  We look forward to seeing what you are creating!