Topsy Turvy, fine art papers and joomchi variations

Salida, Colorado
"What can be said?

Over two weeks ago, when I was just beginning this artwork, the title came to me. Little did I know how upside down my life — and everyone's lives — would come to feel by the time it was finished.

The world seems to be falling apart. Yet people are coming together — even when maintaining six feet of social distance! The current administration keeps us guessing with its self-serving opacity. Yet we can see how the American people and citizens of all nations around the world are rising to the occasion and shining the true beacon of humanity. Though we may be living in a topsy-turvy world now, we can find comfort in our neighbors and friends to be there when we call.

As I worked on this piece, placing the odd shapes at angles over the field of neutral-colored Hanji, I contemplated the world as it was coming to grips with the early stages of the pandemic. It all looked bleak. It's still very bleak. But there is a hopeful streak. We're going to pull through this as a community and a nation and a planet — despite the naysayers and disbelievers.
Yes, there will be connection."

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